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[Spoken English] 如何与歪果仁愉快地交谈

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作者: 吴琼

So you have learned English for a very long time, but you still cannot hold a conversation with foreigners? What went wrong, exactly?

Is my English not good enough? You ask. Maybe... Maybe not! Here is the million dollar question: what are some areas of common interests for Chinese and outsiders that can make for easy discussion?


Now suppose this is a chat-up-stranger scenario :
Whenever I come across someone I have never met/talked to before, I'd usually start by asking where they are from, as in, which part of world they are from. If I happen to know that place well, it'd go pretty smoothly from there for we'd have much to talk about. However, if I know little about his/her hometown, it can also go smoothly actually because there are so many more questions you can ask! Curiosity shows you genuinely care and want to know and thus would help put the other person in a better mood of chatting. You could ask, for example, what does your language sound like? What's food there like?


Asking about the other person's personal life is acceptable, in most cases, as long as you stay within the line and do not come off as nosy or intruding. Family often serves a common and innocuous topic. Do you have siblings? Do you have kids? What do they do?


Interests and hobbies are good, but normally I wouldn’t recommend those because they just don’t work, that well. Due to the cultural differences there are, even if let’s say, both people enjoy reading, you’d still find it pretty hard and frustrating to name some authors you both are familiar with or even have read.


Naturally, it's also expected of you to say something about yourself. Try take turns to ask questions. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango, or well, in this situation, to have a nice and friendly chit-chat!


Small talk is the quickest way to get people to like and maybe trust you. Worst scenario is it'd help fill the awkward silence at the very least, if you have failed to sweep them off their feet wew... Once you are confident enough about your language skills and acquainted with them enough, any topic both of you are comfortable with is certainly welcomed.


Wait, I’ve asked all the questions I can possibly ask but god I’m dying here. This is hopeless. And what do you do in that situation? Oh you know some games we can play? Swell. Thumb wrestling is a good idea to get you started. Or, let’s do something more challenging.


When my friend Case (not his real name) and I met up in a coffeehouse for the first time, after a few futile attempts of finding something in common so that we could talk about, we were both sensing the awkwardness was itching everywhere in the air, at which point, his eyes lit up and he said, “let’s try this. We’ll both speak only in questions but meanwhile keep a conversation going.”
“Uh huh?” I wasn’t sure what he was up to but I said yes anyway.
“Right,” he nodded and continued, “so now I’m asking, do you want to go to the library this afternoon?” He gestured I should continue from there.
“Okay... Why do you want to go to the library?” I asked.
“好呀... 你为什么想去图书馆?”我问。
“Why not?”
“Sure but when do you wanna go?” I thought I was getting the hang of this little game and somehow we were much closer after maybe several hundred rounds of this. Ugh.
“好吧,你什么时候去?” 我想我已经掌握了这个谈话小技巧,几轮谈话下来我们俩神奇的变得熟悉起来。
In a nutshell, forget about impressing people. Forget about showing off. Forget about your ‘bad’ English you have to apologize. Be yourself, and have fun.

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    Thanks for your sharing.O(∩_∩)O

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